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Vanilla Swirl The Clown

Hi! If you are from around CT, Rode Island or Southern New York then you probably already heard about me and how I add laughter and fun to events as Vanila Swirl the Clown. Well, maybe I am just day dreaming hear… LOL – but I have been entertaining kids with Magic, Balloons, Clowning and Games for over 25 years. I believe that it’s OK to be affordable and want you to know I care about your event. Call me to find out if I am available at a certain date:


Magic and Balloon Fun

Who is Vanila Swirl ?

I perform a 30 minute close-up magic show followed by handing out twisted balloons. Face painting is available upon request. I arrive as Vanilla Swirl the clown.

A few little known facts about me:

FACT 1 – One summer I got to busk at Fanieul Hall in Boston’s Market Place.

FACT 2 – I twisted balloons at the special Olympic World Games when they were held in New Haven Connecticut in 1995 along side the Harlem Globe Trotters.

FACT 3 –  I peddled my bike 1900 miles part way across the United States.

Watch Vanilla Swirl in action

You were phenomenal, children and adults enjoyed you immensely. When I had the chances to observe you in action, you nearly had me wetting my pants with your whipshot one liners, and dropping my teeth with your incredibly rapid balloon creations…

Wayne G

What I Do

Add Smiles on Kids Faces in YOUR special event.

   Vanilla Swirl’s make up, clothing and demeanor is sensitive to the needs of the shy. The magic show is presented close to the kids eye level and close to where the kids are sitting. The show includes a puppet, juggling, plate spinning, a flea Circus and more. Humor is never at the kid’s expense and relies a lot on challenging what the kids expect from an adult.  The twisted balloons add color and fun to the gathering of friends. The show is suitable for kid’s that are 4 years old or older. 

Packages for Your Event

One Hour Package

Choose one:

  • Magic Show
  • Balloon twisting
  • Face Painting

Every additional hour at $150


TWO Hour Package

Choose Two:

  • Magic Show
  • Balloon twisting
  • Face Painting

Includes one Bonus Balloon for the birthday kid!

Every additional hour at $150 

The EXTRA Cool Event

Your guest will enjoy a funny 30 minute magic show followed by balloon twisting and then face painting.

Includes a BIG Bonus Balloon for the birthday kid!!!

Testimonial Video

What people say

My goodness, I was overwhelmed at the size, variety and detail you put into sculpting these balloons. It exceeded my expectations in every way! The kids were crazy about them and the parents were too. 


“Great job! You were a hit with the young ones, and might I add…with the “not-so-young”ones !”…

-Fr. Larry

 I couldn’t believe that you were able to keep the attention of so many kids that varied so much in age for such a long period of time, but you did it perfectly, with the right dose of humor and sensitivity for every child!! 



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